Outback372 Extreme Edition
  • Outback372 Extreme Edition

    The All Terrain-ev Outback 372 Extream Edition Specifications:


    Chassis: Aircraft grade aluminium

    Rims: Alloy

    Tyers: 15 inch tubeless Kenda Scorpion or 13inch road tyres.

    Battery: SAMSUNG 40T 72V28Ah or QB 72v 40ah

    Controller: VOTOL EM150 regererative rear braking.

    Motor: Incredible mid-mount.(10,900watts peak)

    Range: 70km+@25km/hr Speeds: 0-80km/hr in 5 seconds. Private property ONLY! Brakes: 160mm hydraulic Front and Rear brakes inluding Regenative Rear Braking. Drivetrain: Belt drive.

    Foldable steering mast: Yes

    Weight: 51 kg


    PLEASE BE AWARE - This scooter is extreamly powerful! We do NOT recommend this product if you do not have prior experience riding scooters. We do have other models that best suit inexperienced riders. Misuse of this product can cause serious harm to you and or others. This Product is recommended for private property and off - road use only!

    • Warranty

      • 12 Months on battery, controller and motor.
      • 12 Months on chassis and workmanship.