Demonstration Urban 160 (Matt Bronze)
  • Demonstration Urban 160 (Matt Bronze)

    This Demonstration Urban 160 is in perfect condition! With less than two charges thus far it is Scoot is practically new.


    The All Terrain-ev Urban 160 Specifications:


    Chassis: Aircraft grade aluminium

    Rims: Alloy Tyers: 13inch road tyres.

    Battery: 60V 30ah Samsung 50E 21700 3.7v Cell.

    Controller: VOTOL EM50 with regererative rear braking.

    Motor: Incredible mid-mount Motor.(3685watts peak power)

    Range: 70km+@25km/hr

    Speeds: +-70km/hr. Private property ONLY!

    Brakes: 160mm hydraulic Front brakes. Regenative Rear.

    Drivetrain: Belt drive.

    Foldable steering mast: Yes

    Weight: 38kg